Another Sites: Russian translations of "Life Divine", "Bases of Yoga" and "The Synthesis of Yoga"
Web-Server for Integral Yoga Many Russian translations of texts by Sri Aurobindo, Mother and Satprem. There are original texts as well. Mirror at
"Savitri" by Sri Aurobindo Contains the complete text of Savitri along with helpful background material and related links.
Mother's Agenda English translation of "Mother's Agenda". Almost complete.
Sri Aurobindo Society Sri Aurobindo Society Web Site
Auroville website Auroville website
Bernard's Home Page Photo-montages, original texts and translations, forum. Mirrors at and German language site dedicated to Integral Yoga. RealAudio: 3 hours of  "7 Jours en Inde avec Satprem" an interview by Frederic de Towarnicky; 1 hour of an interview by Jean de Beer (of France-Culture radio)