Mother's pictures


Paintings of France

Grapes (1893-1897) Portrait of Madame Valentine (1897) Andre, the son of the Mother (1903) Shoulders (1903-1908) Room of a musician (1904)


Paintings of Algerie

Theon's House in Algerie (1906-1907) Garden in Theon's House (1906-1907)


Paintings of Japan

Woman with latern (1893-1900) Miss Okhawa on her balkon (1918) The japanese poet Tetsuo (1916)
Snow on a tree (1917-1918) Japanese woman (1917) Roof of a temple (1918)



Max Theon (Algerie, 1906) Rabindranath Tagore (1916) Sri Aurobindo (1935) Self-portrait (1935) Ascent to Truth (1956) Buddha (1957)

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These pictures in a single archieve can be downloaded from here (420 Kb).