translated from the French by

Luc Venet






1. The Mental Fortress

2. The Great Process

3. The Sunlit Path

4. The Fork in the Road

5. The New Consciousness

6. The Breaking of the Limits

7. The Fire of the New World

8. The Change of Vision

9. The Greater Self

10. Harmony

11. The Change of Power

12. The Sociology of Superman

13. And Then?

14. The Victory Over Death

15. The Transformed Being

16. The Season of Truth


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 References & Notes

Most quotations from Sri Aurobindo refer to the complete edition of his works in 30 volumes (the Centenary Edition) and are indicated by the volume number followed by the page. Reference is made in particular to the following volumes:

5 - Collected Poems

15 - The Ideal of Human Unity

17 - The Hour of God

20 - The Synthesis of Yoga

26 - On Himself

28 - Savitri

29 - Savitri